Davis Cup is going to begin soon and with Rohan Bopanna dealing with an injury, the problems for the country are meant to increase as he has withdrawn from the tournament. As per a statement of Indian captain, Anand Amritraj Saketh Myneni might be partnered with Leander Paes in the doubles in the play off of Davis Cup. If this combination works, Indians could earn a point against Spain.

A file photo of Leander Paes when he won a singles match in previous Davis Cup.
A file photo of Leander Paes when he won a singles match in previous Davis Cup.

Just like the stage of India, Spain too is no sure about their team for the doubles match. Amritraj said, “"I am waiting to see end of day one. How long and tough is the first match for Saketh. We have three options. I changed my mind. Now we don’t have Rohan anymore. Saketh has to be ready for two matches. If we had played in the morning, would have been tougher. In hindsight, looks like a good option.”

Considering the humid climate, the captain is stressed about the health conditions of the players and said, “I am still worried about fitness issues. Just because sun is not beating down at 5pm, it does not mean it is not humid. It’s still tough, even for the Spanish guys as well. In morning, they looked like half dead, Feliciano Lopez I am talking about. In our case, our guy has to be in good shape to give it a best shot.”

In spite of not having a completely trustworthy partner for Paes, he is still confident about India’s performance and believes that since India has always had a strong hand in the doubles, there are strong chances that they could win the game.

In his statement, Myneni said, “Mind is ready but I have to see if body permits. I have to challenge myself. Playing five sets is not easy. Still fight through it and bring out the best in me.”


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