Mobile ransomware attacks
Mobile ransomware attacks shoot up during second quarter of 2016: Report

Mobile users be cautious, according to a report by security firm Quick Heal Technologies, Ransomware on smartphones has gone up by as much as 200% in the past quarter. ‘Second Quarter Threat Report for 2016’, the report claims that this makes it close to 50% of the entire list of discoveries during the entire four quarters of the year 2015.  Locky remained the most precarious ransomware during the quarter. Locky ransomware continued its supremacy by encrypting files on the corrupted system and adding the “locky” extension to them, claims the report.
The report also states the top malware affecting Windows and Android devices along with an summary of the malware families. According to Quick Heal report, trojans, worms, infectors, and exploits have shown relentless detection rates all through the second quarter. The pooled figure of adware and PUA classifications detection rate stood at an average of 28%. The report while discussing trends and predictions for the next quarter, states that PUA and Adware are likely spiked with harsh functionalities including damaging or crashing boot sector records of infected computers.

Moreover, adware is most likely to be used for distributing ransomware to targeted systems. The report also states that ransomware alternatives will upsurge in the coming quarter as well. The Cryptxxx ransomware is suspected to knockout targets with new and more advanced variants. Locky ransomware too is likely to continue complex due to its continuously changing internal coding and complicated techniques.
Is RaaS gaining momentum day by day?

Ransomwareas-a-service (RaaS) is additional thing which is acquiring momentum. In RaaS, malware authors sell ransomware along with a customizable kit past the online black market.

The report says “Malware attacks on social networking sites will continue to grow. By 2018, it is estimated that there will be about 2.55 billion users on social network, the huge numbers makes these websites an attractive target for online scammers and cybercriminals”.

The report in advance warns that banking malware will too become a huge concern in the forth coming days. With almost all banks developing dedicated apps for banking, hackers are likely to eye this as a worthwhile opportunity to trick users.



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