According to Business Insider’s report, popular food chain service, McDonalds is about to launch its first order and pay service that will allow users to book their food from their Smartphone and mobile devices itself. The company was far behind from its competitors like Dominos and Burger King because it lacked this simple implementation only.

McDonalds Launching order and Pay Service soon
McDonalds Launching order and Pay Service soon

McDonalds has always remained as a leading food chain service in the fast food industry, but only one thing has always pulled it back from its competitors; Unlike other brands like Dominos and Burger King, McDonalds didn’t allowed its customers any convenience to order their meals from their mobile devices or Smartphones and this was a very big flaw in its system, Until Now.

A company representative informed Business Insider of the fact that soon McDonalds would be launching its very own order and pay technology which will allow the users to book their food with just a few clicks over their Smartphone.

The technology would initially be rolling out in the United States and would spread to around some international markets next year, with a goal of reaching around 25,000 stores equipped by this system by 2018. The move would help boost the firm’s revenue against its prominent competitors such as Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Chick-fil-A, which allow their customers to book their food first hand before them even arriving at the restaurant.

What’s interesting is that McDonalds has already been testing this service in the past in Australia and Thailand but now it plans to release this feature around the world as a whole. The company began testing the mobile order-and-pay system around 2014 in 22 stores located in Columbus and Georgia.

McDonalds Store info

The feature included Customers ordering food through their app and then reached the store, scanned a QR code while picking up their food, which automatically charged a linked debit or credit card with the fee related to the food and handling charges.

Something similar would be seen in US this year and by the next year several other nations would be enjoying the same.


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