LYF-branded 4G LTE smartphones of Reliance Industries made a striking appearance in the market as they were the only smartphones with which the Jio 4G Preview Offer was made available. But since this service has been opened to other brands also, therefore, the LYF phones are seeing a decline in sales sing April 2016, according to CMR’s Quarterly India LTE Devices Report.

Also, as per the report, more than 18.2 million 4G devices were brought by the 2nd quarter of this current year to India in comparison to 15.4 million in the first quarter. Of these, 97.8% were smartphones that were followed by data cards at 1.6% and tablets at 0.6%.

LYF Smartphones sales decline as Jio offer extends

LYF Smartphones sales decline as Jio offer extends

Out of the total market share, Samsung occupied the 40%, beating Lenovo and making Micromax occupying 8% and LYF occupying 9% shares, to stay at the 2nd and 3rs spots only


Since in the beginning, only the smartphone under LYF  brand had paved a way to access the Jio 4G preview offer; therefore, people bought this brand. Now, it’s not a surprising fact that the sales of this particular brand are going down because now you can access this offer another 4G-enabled devices too. Also, the handsets of this brand do not have that many specifications and are somewhat not enough.

CMR assumes the likes of Oppo, Vivo, Gionee, LeEco, OnePlus, Asus and InFocus to increase their purchases in order to meet the anticipated rise in the market now that Jio isn’t restricted to LYF smartphones anymore.As for Jio, the hugest challenge would be to grow the consumers with actually owning a 4G device in hand, as confirmed by CMR.

Faisal Kawoosa, Principal Analyst for Telecoms at CMR, expects that by the end of the year 2017, the sale is expected to reach 250-300 million.So, it seems the idea of availing 4G services of Reliance Jio is not favoring the sales of LYF handsets.


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