After violating TRAI’s guidelines by providing full fledged services to its users under the name of “test” network now Reliance JIO Network is facing problems while handling calls because of lack of points of interaction, Hence leading to call drop issues.

As we all know Reliance Jio has offered some free perks till 31st December to gain more of users and in those perks also lies “Free Calling Feature” that allows one to call freely on any network using Reliance Jio’s VoLTE network. Now, Due to this everyone keeps on calling almost every time through their network and hence due to heavy loads on their servers the calls are not connecting and hence dropping off and not connecting even after several trials.

Reliance JIO : Lack Of Points Of Interaction With Operators Lead To 52 Crores and Call Drops

Although Jio has shaken hands with Airtel to provide more points of interconnect (POI) to their network but still even that is not beneficial to the mass load of calls these servers need to handle.

According to TRAI’s guidelines not more than one in two hundred calls be dropped due to POI congestion but here almost every second call is dropped because the servers are not able to handle that much of traffic even with Airtel’s help.

Over a period of just 10 days, 22 Crores of calls have been dropped of the Airtel network alone, a total of 52 crore calls have dropped on the networks of incumbent operators, Airtel, Vodafone and Idea. The situation has worsened so much that over 75 out of 100 calls placed in the last few weeks have been dropped.

Reliance Jio has raised an issue over this and states that this issue is not allowing a new player to make its way through this tough competition.

Vodafone’s Spokesperson reacted on the issue by stating “We have always offered great value to our customers, backed by excellent customer service, a nationwide presence, and Vodafone SuperNet – our best network ever. We will continue to do so for our hundreds of million customers across the country.”

Idea Cellular being liable to this has also issued a statement over providing additional POI. “Idea Cellular, a leading Indian telecom service provider welcomes Jio, and remains committed to facilitate its seamless entry into the hyper-competitive market. Idea Cellular has in the past been providing and augmenting Points of Interconnect (POIs) very liberally and we will continue to support all new operators for all their reasonable, fair and legitimate requirements of POIs.”

Reliance jio


If this persistently happens and doesn’t stops then according to me Reliance Jio will withdraw their “Free Calling For Lifetime” perk for sure as it is better been said than done situation here.

It would be really difficult for them if they don’t co-operate with other operators and keep going like this. We all thought that this neck to neck fight would ultimately benefit the “user” but here the market leaders are leading this game to some other way.

What do you think who’ll win?

User or These Big Players?

Kindly  express your views in the comment section below.


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