The education minister of Jammu and Kashmir is the latest person to be on the hit list of the dreaded terror group LeT. The education minister Naeem Akhtar recently was threatened to life by Lashkar E Toiba. Following the threat security of the minister has been tightened up and the security officers of the minister have been given strict instructions on not to leave the minister alone at any cost.

J&K Education Minister Naeem Akhtar under Threat; Security Beefed Up
Naeem, J&K Education Minister

The minister drew flak of the terror group post his decision of restarting the schools in the terror hit valley. The minister had also urged to the residents of the locality to send their wards to the schools irrespective of the danger of the terrorist attacks. After that LeT threatened the leader to life and since then the security of the education minister has been greatly beefed up.

The strict instructions conveyed to the defence personnel of Naeem Akhtar were as follows. The SSP of Kashmir sent a letter to the official superior officer of Naeem Akhtar mentioning “The security staff (of the minister) along with the liaison officer (has been) briefed to remain present round the clock and nobody will leave person/place alone. Augmentation of access control at official residence of the protectee (Akhtar) has already been made,” Further the letter also conveyed various security measures to be undertaken for the protection of Naeem Akhtar. These included erection of barricades and a never ending protection by the CRPF armed guards. The letter further describes Barricades need to be erected at the entry gate…. laying of concertina wire on the fence, at the front and rear side (of the minister’s residence),”

The letter of threat by LeT to the education minister of J&K which caused all these steps to be taken read as follows “Akhtar should desist from forcing people to end the strike.. If Naeem Akhtar does not budge, we will initiate action against him,”


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