According to some sources, a few hours ago The Trump Tower, which is located in New York, was renamed as “Dump Tower” on Google Maps. Also, the name of Trump International Hotel and Tower in Columbus Circle was also renamed to “Dump International Hotel and Tower”.

In-Depth Analysis

A few hours ago something unusual happened; suddenly there were mass reports of someone renaming the Trump Tower’s name as “Dump Tower” on Google’s official mapping application named Google Maps. The Trump Tower which is located in New York acts as the home to the newly elected President of America, Donald Trump. The Trump Tower is located in the center of the city and has also posed security challenges for the Secret Service and local law enforcement according to CNN.

Google Maps

There has also been reports that the name of Trump International Hotel and Tower in Columbus Circle has also been renamed to “Dump International Hotel and Tower” over the application.

The reference has now been taken down and till now Donald Trump has not released any statement regarding this matter. The thing to be noted here is that the Trump Tower is also being used as Trump’s transition headquarters.

Till now the sources to this are unknown and local authorities are still searching for the person or the crew behind this happening. This is probably done through Google’s Map Maker application that is present in 45 countries that includes India too. Someone might have edited the name of Trump Tower there that got implemented on the official application. Something similar had also happened in the past that led company to fully ban the application but later on it was again revived. The matter was that, a controversial prank had taken place somewhere around May where an Android logo was sported peeing on the Apple logo in the official map application by Google.

Google Maps shows trump tower as Dump tower

Earlier this month Google announced that it is going to shut down Map Maker as an individual app and would implement it in Google Maps by the next year as an integrated feature of the application.


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