An embarrassing acknowledgement was done by the South Korean defense forces about using video clips from a video game to show that its manufactured fighter jet was working very well. The footage was used to show off its latest top of the line fighter jet, the Kai KF X fighter jet back in 2015. This jet was believed to be the result of 14 years of hard work and research done by the Korean defense forces to get its own top of the line fighter jet.

South Korea faked video game clips in its fighter jet video

This was discovered by some social media users recently. A media organization recently said that the clip itself was used without the game owner’s permission. Just making this fake video cost the Government $40,000 of the taxpayers money. The South Korean military was quick to acknowledge that it did use a fake clip to for displaying the fighter jet’s capabilities. The video clip was in fact stolen from two video games, namely Ace Combat: Assault Horizon and Battlefield 3. Another admission that was made by the military was that it used these clips without the permission of these companies. This may again result in a case against the military that may cost them quite a lot of money again.

Everyone concerned now only wants to avoid embarrassment. The South Korea military, Agency of Defense and Development and Korea Aerospace industries blamed the company making the video and said that they had been cheated and tricked. However, the company that made the video blamed the military and the other two companies saying that they were kept in the loop at all times and that they had given them the final go ahead to use the fake video. EA, which owns Battlefield and Namco Bandai, which owns Ace combat have not made any statement about this incident. It seems that these companies are not too keen to take this to court and may want to let it go.


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