John Key, the popular Prime Minister of New Zealand, resigned. In a surprise move, he announced his retirement on Monday, in a breaking voice. He was resigning after eight years leading the country as the Prime Minister.

John Key said that he wants to retire at the top of his game. He also mentioned that he wanted to ensure that he didn’t make the mistake that some other world leaders have done.  John was expected to contest again for the PM post in the forthcoming election.

John Key - New Zealand PM  Resigns
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John Key is one of the most popular prime ministers of New Zealand.  In a shaky voice, Key announced that “he had made personal sacrifices for the job and the role had taken a toll on his family.”

Key also gave a timeline and said his National Party caucus would meet December 12 to decide on a new party leader and prime minister. He will formally submit his resignation to the Governor-General on December 12.

He also said he would be backing the deputy PM Bill English to take over. English said he would likely decide in the next day or two if he would seek the role.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said “John Key is one of the most outstanding national leaders in the world today. He has done an extraordinary job for New Zealand. He is somebody that all of us, right around the world, leaders in countries large and small, draw inspiration from.

New Zealand’s opposition leader Andrew Little also said that it was a surprising decision. He said that “He is entitled to be recognized for what he has done for New Zealand.”

John said that “Very few countries are in the financial position we are in.  We’re strong, we’re in surplus, we’re growing, we’re creating jobs, we’re doing well.”

Key also said that “Simply put, it has, for me, been the most remarkable, satisfying and exciting time of my life. But despite the amazing career I have had in politics, I have never seen myself as a career politician.”

We wish All the Best to John Key.


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