The US has taken strict actions against Russia over the issue of election hacking. Barack Obama issued sections against Russian intelligence services and their top officials. The US has also kicked out 35 Russian officials and shuttered two Russian-owned compounds.

This is the strongest ever response by Barack Obama in his tenure as a president. There have been growing demands for serious actions against Russia over the reports of their support in poll hacking. This retaliation against the Russian cyberattack shows Obama’s commitment of sanctioning Russia if their involvement is proved.

This also shows that the US believes Russia was behind the hacking of Democratic groups. The theft of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman issue is also related to the Russian hacking.

The White House has promised to release a report before Obama leaves office. This report will have details over Russia’s cyber interference in U.S. elections.

Obama amended an executive order related to combat cyberattacks. A new clause related to authorization of sanctions on entities interfering with or undermining election processes or institutions is added to it.

Barack Obama ordered intelligence agencies to review 2016 election cyber attacks
Barack Obama ordered intelligence agencies to review 2016 election cyber attacks

Under this new authority, Barack Obama ordered sanctions against two Russian intelligence services, the GRU and the FSB. It is also believed that theft of democratic emails is related with the Fancy Bear group, an affiliate of GRU.

The FSB is Russia’s main domestic and counter-terrorism intelligence agency. Barack Obama also sanctioned Lt. Gen. Igor Korobov, the head of GRU, and three of his deputies. Other individuals sanctioned include Alexsey Belan and Yevgeny Bogachev, two Russian nationals who have been wanted by the FBI for cybercrimes for years.

However the President-elect Donald Trump said it was “time for our country to move on to bigger and better things.”

Donald Trump has refused to accept Russia’s role in hacking and helping his campaign. He also alleged that Democrats are merely trying to delegitimize his election.

Trump also said “In the interest of our country and its great people, I will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation.


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