Soon the law enforcement agencies in India including the Indian Government would be able to unlock any Smartphone prior to investigation. This would be made possible by a technology that the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) present in Gandhinagar has finally dealt to buy from an Israeli security company named, Cellebrite.


Indian Government can now Unlock any Smartphone for Investigation: Cellebrite

Cellebrite is the firm behind backing FBI in unlocking the iPhone in the recent Apple vs. FBI controversy over some privacy issues in the recent San Bernardino attack. Cellebrite is a 17 year old firm and it has till now worked with a lot of law enforcement and intelligence agencies in a way to help them with unlocking some highly secured Smartphones.

According to the report by the Economic Times, this time we have not asked for help but have bought the whole technology which makes Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) the first forensic laboratory to possess the technology in the world.


Not only this, but FSL is also known as the most reputed Forensic Institute in the country which has previously worked with Cellebrite over some cases. After this move FSL would now become a hub for all the nations who are seeking help towards unlocking their secured Smartphones. Also, the requests by the Government to unlock secure smartphones as well as those from law enforcement agencies and forensic institutions in the country would be completed on some monetary terms so as to turn this unlock tool into a revenue stream.


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