Indian documentary “Cost Of Coal” acquired by UN for UNVR PlatformUnited Nations has acquired Indian Documentary named, “Cost Of Coal” for its UNVR application that expands to United Nations Virtual Reality Application. UNVR is the official app for United States and this particular app would be having “Cost Of Coal” as its first Indian documentary to be presented over that platform to the masses.

In-Depth Analysis

It is more than an honor for Indian Cinema to have a documentary from our nation being presented to the world and Anand Gandhi is one of those selected directors to bring this honor to our nation. Anand Gandhi is best known for his directorial classic, “Ship of Theseus”, which is itself a masterpiece that won National Film Award for Best Picture.

But this time the same director with his team at Memesys Culture Lab and with the help of filmmaker Faiza Khan has come up with another documentary named, “Cost Of Coal” and this is also India’s first VR (Virtual Reality) documentary which can be viewed with a VR Headset on your Smartphone.unvr-experience

What’s special about this documentary is that in this movie the viewer is fully involved, you are the one who’s leading it. The documentary puts the viewer at the centre of the narrative play which extends to the forests and villages dramatically and reduces in radius to make way for the coalmine and its unending fly ash ponds in the end telling about the disrupted lives of the people living in that area.


What’s more special is that the documentary has been selected by UN for its UNVR application which is the official VR app of the United Nations.

Gabo Arora who is the Creative Director and Senior Advisor at the United Nations told IANS, “We (UN) have acquired ‘Cost of Coal’ and put it on the UNVR platform. It’s the first Indian film that gets that honour.”

Gabo Arora was a part of a session on VR at the ongoing Jio MAMI 18th Mumbai Film Festival, where the future of virtual reality was being discussed.

When Anand was asked about the same he stated, “I am very excited about it (his film getting picked for UNVR). We (his team) are also doing a VR piece that we are shooting with actor Irrfan Khan. It is fiction. We will start shooting soon.”


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