Today as on 27th November 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his monthly radio broadcast, “Mann Ki Baat” asked the youth of India to take a pledge to make India a cashless economy by doing every possible transaction online. He also asked the youth to teach different families everyday to go cashless and ask them to do so too.

Today majority of the citizens of India might have listened to the monthly radio broadcast, “Mann Ki Baat” by our honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. In his today’s speech our PM asked the youth of the nation to try to go cashless every time they transact. By going cashless he meant doing transactions online. He also asked the youth of the nation to teach at least 10 families about going cashless and doing online transactions every day.

He stated, “I need your support, Take pledge to be a part of a cashless society from today. Not only this, you will also have to take time to educate at least 10 families every day. Educate them on how to download apps, how to spend money using mobile phones, how to make payments, How to do business.”

today's Mann ki baat programme

He stated that he needs India’s youth to come forward and lead this campaign so that the “common people will be trouble fee”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi shows his utter faith in the youth of the nation and stated that only India’s youth can make this dream come true.

Narendra Modi

He also stated, “All youth of India can do it very quickly and within a month the world can see a modern India. Be a soldier of change and bring it on. We will fight the black money and corruption. We know it is you who can bring the change and revolution.”

He focused on Black Money scraping in today’s “Mann Ki Baat” session.


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