The central government shall soon be promoting a single website specially for rural areas to pay the bills of all their utilities at one go on a single website. This will help people living in rural areas to pay all their utility bills easily. The website has been supported by the Common Service Centre (CSC). The Bharat Bill Payments System (BBPS) is expected to commence operations next month. This is a step taken by the BJP led Narendra Modi government in order to make India a cashless digital economy.Now Pay all your Bills on one website at Bharat Bill Payment System


Ever since old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes were demonetized, about 86% of the country’s cash supply was deemed illegal. In order to make a smooth transition during this period, the Government has pushed for digital payments has resulted in a huge increase in electronic payments. Payments using debit and credit cards, net banking, account transfers and mobile wallets have increased by a huge margin and it seems to be the way ahead in the future.

The government is trying to take advantage of this massive increase in digital payments and has come up with a single platform to help people in rural areas make their utility bill payments.

BBPS is under National Payments Corporation of India
BBPS is under National Payments Corporation of India

This will also help increase the adoption of digital payments in rural Bharat. The BBPS will allow people to make payments for utility facilities like water, gas, electricity, telephone, DTH (direct to home) TV, etc. The BBPS was however a pilot project undertaken by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) in August, i.e. way before demonetization was even announced. The NPCI believes that this is a major project and it aims to collect about 70% of the payments received from top 20 cities through the digital medium. The total amount being collected from the top 20 cities stands at about Rs 6,223 billion.
CSC CEO, Mr. Dinesh Tyagi has confirmed that they are ready to roll out the services for the citizens and that they are waiting for the NPCI to give them the go ahead after an audit conducted by them.


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