Groups of the National Investigation Agency (NIA), alongside the Mumbai Police, on Saturday morning launched raids on 10 premises of Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) keep running by disputable Islamic minister Zakir Naik. The NIA representative said the premises were raided at 6 am on Saturday with the assistance of police. The investigating office had likewise recorded a FIR against Naik and others under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act on Friday.

“We are searching a few residential premises and a few office premises of Zakir Naik,” said the spokesperson.

This comes days after the Home Ministry said the IRF and its individuals, especially, organizer and President Zakir Naik, had been empowering and helping its followers to elevate or attempt to promote, on grounds of religion, disharmony or sentiments of enmity, contempt or hostility between various religious groups in a gazette notification.

FIR against Zakir Naik
FIR against Zakir Naik

“The central government has received information that the statements and speeches made by Zakir Naik, the President of IRF are objectionable and subversive in nature as he has been extolling the known terrorists like Osama Bin Laden, proclaiming that every Muslim should be a terrorist and claiming that if Islam had indeed wanted, 80 per cent of Indian population would not have remained Hindus as they could have been converted “if we wanted” by sword,” the notification said.

The Home Ministry said through speeches and statements, Naik has been promoting enmity and hatred between different religious groups and inspiring Muslim youths and terrorists in India and abroad to commit terrorist acts.

“Statements of some terrorists arrested in the terrorist attack incidents or arrested ISIS sympathisers revealed that they were inspired by the fundamentalist statements of Naik, clearly indicating the subversive nature of his preachings and speeches,” the notification issued by Joint Secretary in the Home Ministry Sudhir Kumar Saxena said.

The Central government is of the opinion that the previously mentioned activities of the IRF and its President Zakir Naik are profoundly incendiary in nature and biased to the support of agreement between different religious communities and groups, the Home Ministry notification said.

“…if urgent steps are not taken there is every possibility of many youth being motivated and radicalised to commit terrorist acts leading to promoting enmity between different religious groups.”

“The Central government, having regard to the above circumstances, is of the firm opinion that it is necessary to declare the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) as an unlawful association with immediate effect,” it said.


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