Mamata Banerjee slammed PM Modi today and blamed his for the misery of poor people. She said that Chai wala has become Paytm wala now. Mamata Banerjee also said that this current government is deaf and dumb.

Mamata Banerjee: Now Chai Wala is Paytm Wala
Mamata Banerjee : Chai wala is Paytm wala now

She said that “The Prime Minister used to call himself a ‘chai-wala’ (tea seller) before. Now he has become a millionaire ‘Paytm-wala’ (one who endorses e-wallets like Paytm)”

Mamata Banerjee is popularly known as Didi. She also said that millions have become fakir after demonetization move. Didi also said that “The people can’t withdraw their own money. We don’t know whether that is safe. They are saying buy this app, buy this mobile. Don’t listen to them. Else you will become fakir”.

She asked “if Modi knew the meaning of fakir. Money for the 100 days work should not be paid through Paytm in lieu of commission. From ATM to Paytm, govt must stop taking commission. Centre cannot dictate people where to keep their money.”

She went on saying that “As long as I am alive, I’ll continue to work for the people. Political parties exist because of the people. Without them we are nothing.

The Bengal chief minister also said that “they are trying to divide the people in the name of religion when they cannot provide food to them. This will not be tolerated”. She also instructed the state administration to deal with such attempts firmly.
Didi said that “Our nation is now governed by a deaf and dumb government that does not empathize with the common people’s sufferings. They are pushing the entire nation towards a crisis through their ‘forced governance’.”
Mamata Banerjee slammed PM and accused him of not able to understand the suffering of common people.

She is leading the protests against the Modi government over the demonetization issue. She has toured Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi to hold dharna to rally support of all opposition parties and common people.


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