Idea Expands Network Points for Jio, Still 75% Calls Drop Issues
Jio has 75% Call Drop rate

Idea Cellular stated on Friday that it has expanded its network points for Jio subscribers by 230% which is at first a very big number but still there are complaints from the other side stating that the calls are still getting dropped and the percentage of those call drops is 75%.

This means that all the calls that are made to Idea network via Reliance Jio don’t reach the subscribers and 75% of the totals are dropped due to network interconnectivity issues and only 25% of the subscribers are able to even talk to that network’s subscribers.

Idea stated on the same, “Idea has now provisioned 1,865 ports for access, from 565 earlier — a 230 per cent increase in capacity. Simultaneously, the (national long distance service capacity is also being expanded by nearly 50 per cent, With this huge capacity expansion, over 2,100 ports will now be available for traffic between Idea and Jio, allowing sufficient buffer for the future.”

But according to Jio’s statements near about 750 calls are dropped everyday out of total 1000 calls that are made to Idea’s network subscribers, leading to a total of 4 Crores fallings per day.

Idea offered more network points to Jio

The company further stated on call drops happening due to “lesser” network points available, “Over 12 crore calls fail daily between Jio and the networks of Airtel, Vodafone and Idea. This is a breach of license conditions by the incumbent operators and severely impacts customer interests. This is against zero call failures on the Jio network, furthermore, the manner of release of new capacity by Idea and the other incumbent operators is very disillusioning insofar as it is being reflected as a favor to Jio. All operators are obligated as per license conditions to provide interconnection such that qualities of service parameters are met.”

Reading this statement it is very clear that Reliance Jio is in no mood to let Idea give them network points as a “favor”, that’s why they made it real clear that as per licensing obligations it is compulsory for Idea to look into the call drop matter happening on their network and provide corrective measures for it.

Jio call drops

Final Words

Here the scene has gone this worse that one’s mistakes are to be carried by other whether they want to or not, they would’ve to as per licensing conditions.

What do you think of this viewpoint of mine as well as the whole case?

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