A notice has been issued by Gujarat High Court to the developers of a location based augmented reality game known as Pokemon Go. This notice was issued on the basis of PIL that sought a ban on the game in India for allegedly not just hurting the religious sentiments but also as a threat to the national security.

A bench of members that included Justice V M Pancholi and the Chief Justice R Subhash Reddy circulated notices to San Francisco-based game developer, Niantic, Inc.High Court Issues Notice To Pokemon Go Game Developers


The PIL by one Alay Dave, out of all the things claimed that the eggs images that appear in the game can also be seen on the places of worship of various religious groups.The claimant has said eggs are regarded as non- vegetarian food, and it is profane to carry any kind of non-vegetarian meal inside a place of the offering of Hindus and Jains.

The lawyer of the petitioner, Nachiket Dave said that people those who play this game are rewarded with points that are in the form of virtual eggs which in general, appear in the worshipping places of many different religious groups. Now finding the eggs in temples of Jains and Hindus is blasphemous, and therefore a ban on the game is sought by his client.

The PIL also proposed the matter of the game being used as monitoring tool which can generate a threat to the security of the nation.An example was quoted in the PIL where the police in Missouri, US resolved a robbery case that was led by the robber with the help of geo-location futures of Pokemon Go.

Also, the PIL raised the issue of infringing the privacy and posing a threat to the life of the person playing the game who walk anywhere in search and to score points.


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