Gurgaon is now Gurugram officially
Gurgaon is now Gurugram officially

Gurgaon city has now formally been renamed as Gurugram. Over six months after the procedure to rename the city was started, the Haryana Government has now issued a gazette notification to this effect. Be that as it may, the procedure to rename Gurgaon district is still in pipeline and it might take one more week for it to be notified.

The notification to change the name of Gurgaon city had been sent for printing over a week back after the Haryana Government got a No Objection Certificate from the Union Government in such manner prior this month. Be that as it may, the Haryana Cabinet endorsement to change the name of Gurgaon area came just on October 18 deferring the procedure to rename it.

“We wanted to rename, both the city and the district, at the same time to avoid confusion. But the approval for the district came late. Now it has been sent to the legal department and the notification may takes a few more days after it is cleared by the said department,” said a senior Haryana Government official, not willing to be named.

It was in April this year that the Haryana Govt. had coasted the proposal to rename Gurgaon as Gurugram in light of the memorable interface of the city with Guru Dhronacharya. The choice to change the name of Gurgaon had been gone up against the premise of the representations got at a few fora. The legend has it that the town got its name from the name of Guru Dronacharya; the town was given as “gurudakshina” to him by his students; the Pandavas and thus it came to be known as Guru-gram, which in course of time got distorted to Gurgaon.

The choice of the administration to change the name of the city, be that as it may, evoked blended responses. While the nearby BJP leaders respected the move, the opponent political parties named it a corrective measure and prompted the administration to better focus on enhancing the infrastructure in the city.


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