Everyone in India is well aware of the free distribution of laptops by Akhilesh Yadav – the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister to students at the time he became CM of the state back in 2012. It was an attractive offer which had been talked so much throughout the country. Though the news is yet not confirmed, but it is expected that before UP polls, the current state government can make this offer of free smartphone publicize.

Therefore, we can clearly see that smartphone is going to be the latest election campaign instrument forAkhilesh Yadav to reach out the UP people; or to be exact vote givers. After distributing laptops to people, the CM plans to give away smartphones for free. Though there are some conditions that have to be followed.UP Govt. to offer Free Smartphone – If they Win Upcoming Elections


As per the conditions applied by the party, the UP people can make their request for free smartphone now;however, the phone will be sent to them at their doorsteps only if in the mid of 2017, they Samajwadi Partygets the power again winning votes of the UP people.

As per an internal state government note, this smartphone will act like a dual way communication tool for making a user informed and aware of various government policies and schemes. The smartphone would work on the latest software and accompany pre-loaded useful apps that will help users to share their valuable feedback on the policies made by state government.

Any adult over 18 or above age and a resident of UP can register his details for this smartphone from the web. Though their family income has to be less than 2 lakh INR a year. Once the scheme is clear, the web registrations will start after one month of time from then. It may take a week to get clarity on this scheme.

The Samajwadi party seems to have made its election strategy after a thorough assessment of smartphone usage among young vote givers of the state considering it a hit to get the maximum vote and emerge again as a ruling party of the state.


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