As we Google Inc. as well as Apple Inc. recently launched their new and upgraded operating systems for their respective older versions of the same. Interestingly both the versions (AppleiOS 10 and Android 7.0 Nougat ) are getting massive hits from the users across the globe. We all know that there is always stiff competition between Iphone and Android users on various grounds. (Sorry, but Windows users are very patient in this)

But what makes this neck to neck cutting edge fight end?

Do these both of the updates have something in common or only one is going to win?

Let’s analyze both of the operating systems on some common grounds.

Google Android Nougat vs Apple iOS 10


1. User Interface (UI)

Even in this one Android UI looks like the older one but it is much glossier and minimalistic. Lack of home screen is still there in IOS 10, Seems like Apple doesn’t wants its users to ever have a home screen because even after this much of innovative updates we just can’t find a simple thing named as “home screen”.

Apple iOS 10 now focuses on interaction using force touch which was introduced firstly in Iphone 6s.

Apple has used pressure indicating sensors inside the display to detect the amount of pressure being applied accurately and make the force touch feature work flawlessly. We can also see a new addition by Apple in IOS 10, namely ‘Rise to wake’ feature which is the feature that is already there on Android since Jellybean named as of ‘Always on’ display.

Also you can now have widgets in lock screen as well as notification bar in IOS 10. Also now 3rd party application makers can make widgets for particular apps with the new update in IOS 10.

While on Android 7.0 Nougat there is a new feature named as “Quick Switch” that allows users to switch to the last app they were using with the help of a click.

While in this section there is nothing much new but with Daydream compatible devices we can look forward to much better experience with this version of Android.

iOS 10 display

2. Notifications

With the new update now Iphone users can interact with their notifications straight from the lock screen. Also now 3rd party app developers can generate live update notifications in the lock screen as well which was not available in the lower IOS versions.

In Android Nougat users are now able to interact with the notifications without opening the app, enabling users to pull down the notification bar and reply to the incoming messages directly from the notification bar, without the need of even opening the messaging app.

Android Nougat notification bar is now revamped with uniform width, smaller fonts, and much minimalistic design than Android 6.0.

Nougat notifications screen

3Messaging And Digital Assistants

Apple can be appreciated on this one as with the introduction of new iMessage app in IOS 10, whole of the messaging experience of Iphone users has changed now allowing them to add stickers,GIF and even some “special effects” in their chats making it much more plausible to have.

In Android 7.0 not much has changed in the messaging application but Google is working on its new messaging app “Google Allo” which as per them will “revolutionarize” android experience adding a new benchmark for IOS developers to cross.

Talking about Digital Assistants then we can see that Siri got a lot of new features including the “Booking A Cab using Siri” as well as “Sending WhatsApp messages as well as Making WhatsApp calls” without even opening the app was fantastic.

Even though in Android users don’t get the fantastic “talking back” digital assistant but still Google Now is learning a lot and this can be seen clearly in Android Nougat.

Also much awaited Pixel lineup by Google is the one on which every Android user in relying on as this lineup can see major increments.

Google Nougat Screens

Final Words

After reading this what do you think, Who won?

According to me both of the Operating Systems are good at their own place and don’t need to be compared.

Feel free to share your views in the comment section below.


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