Opposition Leader Ghulam Nabi Azad compared the impact of Government’s policy on Demonetisation with URI terrorist attacks.After last week’s Note ban, The Rajya Sabha began a debate on the government’s radical decision to withdraw 500 and 1000 rupee notes to combat the menace of black or untaxed money, yesterday the first winter session of parliament. The debate continued today and after comments from opposition leader it was adjourned.

Mr. Azad said, “Lot of people have died because of demonetisation. The count has gone up to 40. Even half this number of people were not killed in Uri because of terrorism. Twice the number of deaths due to the Uri attacks have now died because of the government’s wrong policy. (sic)

I am only telling you numbers,” added Mr. Azad, but there were few takers for the clarification in the government benches.ghulam-nabi-azad-demonetisation-has-killed-more-people-than-uri-attack

BJP’s Mr Naidu also replied on Mr Azad’s comments, he said”atrocious” asking how he could compare the situation with terrorism. “You cannot compare this with Pakistan. He (Azad) said that the number of people who died are worse than terrorist killing…You are giving a certificate to Pakistan,.”
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