With the announcement of the right shipping date for iPhone 7 for iOS 10, Truecaller has now declared that the app will now become capable of identifying which incoming call on iPhone is marked spam, allowing the user to avoid picking it up.

For years, this facility was only available to android users only but now with the launch of iOS 10, apple will allow the developers to parse their call info. At the WWDC developer conference held previously this year, Apple revealed a caller ID addition that developers could control to recognize spam calls.truecaller-in-ios-10



With a massive user base, Truecaller can easily detect the spam callers’ and this info can be quickly shared with everyone with the help of this app. Moreover, you can also tag a particular number with a name, for example, a pizza joint or an insurance provider so to easily identify it in future calls.

The app can also take out the info from their social accounts when they link the app to their online profiles, thus making it easy to deliver more details on the incoming calls. Of course, it will ask you confirmation before making any of this and you can also remove yourself at any time.

The company has taken a note of the fact that only in India itself, people receive about 300 million calls per month, so therefore, and finding a solution to this was a must.

But it should be noted that the Truecaller is prone to bugs and thus exposes your data. One such incident took place earlier this year in the month of March. Though it was fixed but still installing this app is completely your call.

In the new iOS version, the app has enlisted a new feature that comes by the name of “My Block List” which lets you handle who can and cannot contact you. Add people to the feature and calls coming from them will be automatically blocked.


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