Employees want to Ban FB posts of Donald Trump Over Hate Speech

The Wall Street Journal reported today that some of the employees of the social media giant, Facebook are constantly arguing over listing Donald Trump’s posts on the social network as hate speech and be removed as soon as possible. CEO Mark Zuckerberg ruled against his employees and told not to delete the posts, as it would ultimately censor a political candidate’s reach.

In-Depth Analysis

This year’s US election candidate against Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump is being accused of posting hate speech against a particular segment of human society and some of the Facebook employees are in favor of getting those posts deleted from the social networking site being marked as hate speech. According to the report by The Wall Street Journal, Trump posts content calling for an ultimate ban on Muslim immigration in the United States, this all has put all the people of the same community in shock and has started an emotional debate inside the social media website over enforcing company’s community standards laws over Trump’s Facebook page and removing all those posts that counter a particular cater of people as hate speech.

But when it came to company CEO, Mark Zuckerberg he on the spot refused to take any action in favor of deleting the posts by Trump, as according to him doing so would act as a censorship of the rights to speech of a political candidate.

The day when Mark declined to remove Trump’s post, Facebook released another statement stating that they will loosen up some of its restrictions over explicit content, and would not block the posts if the post is newsworthy or is in the public’s interest.

 Mark Zuckerberg declined to remove Trump’s post
Mark Zuckerberg declined to remove Trump’s post

Now the question here arises that Facebook has got time to remove all those important videos that were really meant to “aware” people in the right manner like the Breast Cancer Ad that was removed just because it consisted of animated breasts but can’t remove some posts that clearly point towards a particular religion?


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