Ericsson a Swedish Communication Technology firm on Tuesday unveiled solutions to provide coverage to people who are under-served or are without mobile broadband access. People in remote areas would be definitely benefitted by these new solutions by Ericsson.


What Is Ericsson Planning For Improvement of Mobile Broadband Issues In India?

As per Ericsson’s statement the new solution will include software and hardware additions to Ericsson Radio System.

Ericsson’s Ericsson Radio System or precisely known as Radio Dot system is a system designed to address both consumer and business user’s performance expectations indoors and to remove broadband capacity bottlenecks in large buildings.

With these new additions in this Radio Dot System the total cost of ownership will be reduced by up to 40 percent when Ericsson’s total site solution for mobile broadband will be rolled out.

Arjun Bansal who is the Head of Business Unit Network Products at Ericsson India stated on the same “Ericsson continues innovating so that operators can create viable business even in rural or off-grid settings, and to make the most difference with every investment”.

These new additions will allow network operators to identify which areas have the highest number of users already having internet-ready devices within GSM/EDGE coverage.

This will thus help the network operators to focus on whether adding 4G LTE or adding HSPA 3G services at first would be more cost effective or user friendly in that area.

This will allow network operators to provide better network strength as well as better services in places that are remotely located as well as in big suburban areas too.

The company stated that these “new solutions” will make mobile internet investments in low-ARPU (average revenue per user) markets more viable.

This project would be implemented after Ericsson launches world’s first 5G Radio.


Final Words

This move will not only benefit users but also would help companies to have a better graph of the market and they’ll know where how much they have to invest.

What do you think who is on the better half?

Consumer or the Mobile Broadband Providers?

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