On August 25 while opening WhatsApp we all saw a notice in which WhatsApp asked us that would we love to share our data to Facebook for “better” user experience on both the social messaging platforms. This move by WhatsApp was not appreciated as people feared of data breaches and usage of their personal data by WhatsApp for some other use as by agreeing to the new privacy policy we would be allowing WhatsApp to gain our private data and supply it to Facebook. Things got really worsened for WhatsApp when the matter reached Indian High Court by some petitioners on which High Court decided to take strict action against the latter.

We Don’t Have Access To User’s Data : WhatsApp To High Court
We Don’t Have Access To User’s Data : WhatsApp

What WhatsApp had to say on the matter?

WhatsApp stated that regulations are still in their places and they don’t have access to any data as the social networking giant provides end-to-end encryption to its users.

According to WhatsApp they had given its users 30 days of time starting from August 25 till September 25 to opt out of the new privacy policy if they wish to and also stated that abiding by this new privacy policy is totally upon user’s choice and is not mandatory.

Siddarth Luthra who is the senior advocate handling the case for WhatsApp stated “ There are government regulations in place and the application does not share users private messages, contents, photos or data with Facebook. WhatsApp only shares a users name and the phone number with Facebook. WhatsApp does not have access to any data as it provides end-to-end encryption. We only have access to the persons name and number which is also obtained by online consent. We are abiding by the central governments regulations for messenger apps. We are not dealing with sensitive information at all, If any of the user wants to opt out of the new policy, he/she cannot be forced to not choose that option”.

whatsapp reply to High Court
WhatsApp don’t have access to your data

However according to senior advocate Pratibha M Singh handling the case on the other side argued that the sharing of entire data with Facebook was happening even if users opted out of the new privacy policy.

Looking at the severity of the matter high Court guided WhatsApp to file a short affidavit before September 20 explaining the factual position with regard to the concerns raised in the petition filed against them.


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