Vizagites deposited around Rs 954 crore in different banks since Nov. 10 after the demonetisation of 1000 Rs and 500 Rs was declared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Around Rs 303 crore have been either withdrawn or exchanged by public in the region since the most recent four days. Bankers are expecting the deposits of currency may go up in the coming days and they require in any event Rs 60 crore for each day to keep it accessible for the general public either to withdraw money or exchange cash.

Demonetisation: Rs 954 crore deposited in different banks since Nov. 10 in Vizag
Rs 954 crore deposited in different banks since Nov. 10 in Vizag

Authorities cautioned of criminal activity if hospitals facilities and the petrol refilling station keep running by oil organizations don’t acknowledge Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes. Special teams are kept ready for surprise checks on hospitals and furthermore the individuals who accumulate essential products. Criminal cases will be booked against the individuals who don’t acknowledge high-esteem notes at hospitals.

There are around 737 banks, belonging to various nationalised and private banks, in the district. Out of the total 1,104 ATMs across the district, only 50 per cent are dispensing cash. “Bankers are giving Rs 2,000 notes easily but imposing restrictions on Rs 100 and Rs 50 notes. We are expecting the situation to ease in another 48 hours as we are expecting such notes in the coming days. We have also advised the banks not to show discrimination towards rural tracts and supply to the rural branches on par with urban areas. Special teams are also ready to conduct surprise checks on hospitals, petrol pumps and also on shops that sell essential commodities,” collector, Pravin Kumar told reporters after conducting a review meeting with the bankers.

The district collector requested that the bankers give essential conveniences to people in general going by banks for exchange of notes and hoped the circumstance will be back to normal in a couple of days.


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