Cyber criminals
Cyber criminals are comfortably nesting themselves in India

Country of Cyber criminals: India witnessed a near 350% gush in cyber-crime cases registered under the Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000 between 2011 and 2014, according to a research conducted by industry lobby Assocham and professional services firm PwC. The report exposed that with the budding adoption of smartphone and internet, India has emerged as one of the favorite countries for cyber-crimes.

US, Turkey, China, Brazil, Pakistan, Algeria, Turkey, Europe and the UAE were the ones which had the most cyber-crimes recorded earlier. Since many of the Operational systems are built around legacy technologies with weaker protocols that are inherently more vulnerable, these are highly subject to cyber-attacks
“Cyber-attacks around the world are occurring at a greater frequency and intensity. Not only individuals but also businesses and governments are being targeted. The profile and motivation of cyber attackers are fast changing,” the study said. With an increase in usage of information and operational technology and consumer technology in critical infrastructure, overall effectiveness has increased,” the study said.

Effects of Cyber Crimes in India?

Cyber criminals not only aim at financial gains but also at causing disruption and disarray to businesses in particular and the nation at large, according to the study. The National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC) has been acknowledged as the nodal agency under the National Technical Research Organisation for the protection of critical information infrastructure.
Cooperation strategies, issuing guidelines, advisories and coordination with CERTIn are the formal roles and responsibilities of NCIIPC. NCIIPC promotes defined controls for the critical infrastructure sectors – power and energy; banking, financial services and insurance; ICT; transportation; and e-governance and strategic public enterprises. A solid partnership between well-resourced information technology, operational technology and consumer technology teams is also essential for a integrated approach to risk management .The report suggested that observing operational technology and consumer technology must be brought under the domain of security monitoring, which is the same case of information technology networks.


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