Once again China is in news and this time its all about its clean energy initiative. It is said to be planning to install Nuclear Power Plants of around 58 kilowatts (KW) of Nuclear Energy by the end of the year 2020. This move is a direct initiative towards China’s clean energy network that focuses on green growth via adoption of environmental friendly measures. This was announced in a report by China’s energy regulator on Monday this week.China planning to install 58 million KW of Nuclear Power Plants by 2020

According to a report issued on Monday by country’s energy regulator, China is going to be installing Nuclear Power Plants with the capacity of around 58 kilowatts (KW) of Nuclear Energy by the end of the year 2020. China is focusing on using environmental friendly measures and this step is a small offering towards their clean energy initiative.

In the 13th Five-Year Plan for “Power Development” released by the National Energy Administration and the National Development and Reform Commission it was written that The Chinese Government is going to possess Nuclear Energy facility of around 30 million KW in the next five years.

According to a local news agency named Xinhua, China is going to need around 6.8 trillion to 7.2 trillion KW of power by 2020 with per capita power consumption of around 5000 KW respectively. In achieving all this, the major role would be played by Non-Fossil Fuels because as per the report China plans to increase its total share in energy consumption in the world to around 15 percent and no country would risk its Natural resources to achieve that big result.

China has big plans to increase it's energy resources

Talking about the Hydro Power, wind Power and Solar Power energy regulators then their capacity would be around 340 million KW for Hydro Power, 210 million KW for Wind Power and around 110 million KW for Solar Power respectively.

Meanwhile, The capacity of Coal Power Resources is going to be restricted at 1.1 billion KW and that of Natural Gas Fired Power will extend around 110 million KW by 2020.



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