Manufacturing iPhones in India is a project that many of Indian consumers have high expectations too. Even after Tim Cook came in India in May, the hopes got a kick as many people have started speculating that his motive after that visit was nothing but finding manufacturing plant in India for making iPhones here. Though things are not as it was speculated.

Is Apple ready to make iPhones in India? It was the question asked by PM Narendra Modi from Tim Cook – the Apple CEO when they met in May this year. On this question, the CEO looked to be quite reluctant to give a clear commitment.

Apple and Foxconn - iPhones in India


He would have not been sure at that time or need to reconsider. Recently, this giant has talked to Foxconn Technology Group – the leading manufacturing partner of Apple, to find out more at more possibilities to manufacture iPhones in India within 2 or 3 years. This information is revealed by 2 different people familiar to this matter.

Cited by the one who revealed this news, “There’s definitely interest. When Tim Cook was here, the government raised the issue of making in India. It is after that that Apple started thinking of doing something in India which is long term.”


If believing this information and Foxconn gives a positive view about the possibility to make iPhones in our country, there will be an advantage to Indian consumers. They would have better supply as the new launches will reach in the Indian market in less time. Manufacturing in India will also affect the price of iPhone making it cheaper than before to Indian consumers. This move will certainly convert India to a great export hub. Though to make it happen, it has to create a thorough and effective supply chain.


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