How To Take Screenshot In Mac

how to take screenshot in macbook

How to take screenshots on a Mac? The question comes when you are new to Mac. Everybody else who is using a Mac is aware of this thing. They know each and everything about Mac. But for new users it is difficult. Not only screenshots but there are a few other things that also create havoc while using Mac. But, if you know how easy it is to take a screenshot on a Mac, then you will always remember it. 

In this blog, we will share the details regarding how you can capture a screenshot on your new Mac.

Take Screenshots in Mac

I am a Windows user but a few days back, I switched to Mac (purchased a 2nd hand device to check whether I can work on it or not). There are a few things that, I noticed. Everything is almost the opposite. When I bought, the second-hand Macbook, then I faced a lot of challenges while using it. For the first two hours, I kept on finding where is the right click. 

Then after that, I called the shop from where I purchased the Macbook and said “This is a faulty Macbook, the right click is not working”. He laughed at me and said. There is no right-click on Mac. I disconnect the phone. After that, I kept on searching for other things related to Macbook. And among those things, one is How To Take Screenshots in Mac. 

When I google it, then I found, that it’s easy to take screenshots in a Macbook. You just have to press three keys and the screenshot is captured. That’s it. 

To capture a screenshot in your Mac, press and hold three keys together

Shift, Command & 3.

That’s it. You’ll hear a little camera shutter sound, and your screenshot will be saved to your desktop. Your screenshot will be captured, you can then copy it to a clipboard or leave it. 

Isn’t it easy? But for a new user, it is a difficult one and I understand it. 

Bonus Tips for New Mac Users

  • Where’s My Right-Click?  Macs don’t have a dedicated right-click button. Instead, you can either hold down the Control key while clicking or configure a two-finger click on your trackpad.
  • The Command Key is Your Friend:  Think of the Command key (with the little ⌘ symbol) as the Mac equivalent to the Windows Ctrl key for many shortcuts.
  • Need to Capture Just a Portion of the Screen? Use the combo Shift + Command + 4 and you can drag a box around the area you want.

If you have any queries or want to ask something, then you can comment below. We’ll definitely answer your queries.

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