Can you believe that a dead rodent be sewn in a dress from a Zara clothing store? Cailey Fiesel, a 24 year old woman from Manhattan has filed a lawsuit against the clothing manufacturer Zara. Cailey found a dead rodent sewn into a new dress which she bought from Zara. She has accused Zara of negligence as she suffered significant personal injuries and emotional distress.

Cailey said that “she wore the dress to work, and was puzzled by a “pungent smell”. She noticed that her leg had been scratched by something embedded in the fabric. It turned out to be the leg of the dead animal”. Cailey has sued the company for emotional distress. She also claimed that she also contracted a “rodent-borne skin condition”.

The company said that they were aware of this surprising development. They are investigating the matter further. It also mentioned that “Zara USA has stringent health and safety standards. They are committed to ensure that all of the products meet these rigorous requirements,”

As per court documents, Cailey bought two dresses from the Zara store in Greenwich, Connecticut, on July 5. On August 16, she wore one of the dresses to work. While at work, she became aware of a “pungent odor“. She couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

She then noticed what felt like a string brushing against her leg. When she reached down to inspect, she found something else entirely. “To her utter shock and disbelief, as she ran her hand over the hem of the dress, she felt an unusual bulge. She suddenly realized that it was not a string that was rubbing against her leg, but was instead a leg rubbing against her leg. It was the leg of a dead rodent.”

Zara, founded in 1975, sells both men’s and women’s clothing. Zara products are manufactured in countries like Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Morocco, according to court documents.


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