Traffickers using Facebook as a market to sell illegal Ivory and Rhino HornsAccording to a report by Wildlife Justice Commission (WJC), Wildlife Traffickers in Vietnam are using social media networking website, Facebook as a platform tool to sell illicit stuff like Illegal Ivory and Rhino Horns to the concerned customers. The investigation uncovered that in a period of 18 months, 51 traffickers in the village of Nhi Khe (Vietnam) sold around 53.1 million dollars worth of wildlife products. The “products” in the “catalog” of these illegal traffickers include processed ivory, entire elephant tusks, and tiger bone paste. Wildlife Justice Commission (WJC) told about the investigation briefly in a two-day hearing presented at Peace Palace in The Hague that began on Monday.



According to the WJC, traffickers in Nhi Khe make use of “private” Facebook groups to sell wildlife products to buyers in Vietnam as well as other parts of the world across Southeast Asia. To use people in China these traffickers used WeChat which is the primary replacement to WhatsApp in China. Even the stats presented by the organization are shocking, According to WJC’s investigation around 907 dead elephants, 225 tigers, and 579 rhinos were sold which represent around half of all the rhinos killed in South Africa last year.  Other products included products made from pangolins, hawksbill sea turtles, and helmeted hornbills. To remind you all, all of these dealings were primarily executed over Facebook and WeChat respectively.


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