Honda Motors is in talks with Google to supply it with cars and spare parts for testing its driverless technology. Honda would be the second company to do so after Fiat Chrysler which signed up with Google in May to integrate the technology with their minivans.

The announcement came after Waymo became a separate company and is not longer a R&D project in Google. Many auto industry observers believe that self-driving cars are the future of the industry, but the cost of developing the technology in house is far too much. Companies like General Motors and Ford have teamed up to jointly develop the technology for the technology for the car.
Some companies like Honda and Fiat have preferred to license the technology from Google.Honda believes that it is better if it focuses on car technology and not the self driving tech.
Google is looking to get more such car manufacturers on board for its self driving car project by licensing out its technology. Google believes that cars are the next smart device that will be revolutionized for car users. This is in keeping with their point of view to make the lives of users easy and more convenient with their technology. They believe that cars will soon be driverless and users can now spend their time on other things while they travel.
Honda did come out with its own technology for a self driving car, but their expertise does not lie with car software, but with a car’s superior performance and design. This is said to be their philosophy in tying up with Google.Google Self Driving car
As of now Google has orders only from Fiat Chrysler to make about a 100 self driving vans which will be based on the Chrysler Pacifica Hyrid. Many in the industry believe that this is just the beginning of many orders as barring Uber, Tesla and Google no other car has a fully functional self driving technology.


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