Celebrity lad, Varun Dhawan is reported in his recent interview with Mirror about his upcoming movie Judwaa 2, a sequel of Judwaa by David Dhawan. He is putting his best efforts to make his father’s sequel film. In fact, junior Dhawan is showing interest in sitting sessions while deciding the right music for the film Judwaa 2.

Varun Dhawan
Judwaa 2: Varun Dhawan wants to hand-pick hit music for sequel

This film is the sequel of Salman Khan’s Judwaa released in the year 1997, directed by David Dhawan/Sajid Nadiadwala. Moreover, the original release Judwaa was one of the smash hit of Bollywood in the 90s with famous party songs, “Ouchi Hai Building”, “Duniya Mein Aaye Ho Toh” and “Tan Tana Tan Tan Tara Chalti Hai Kya Nov Se Barah“.

So with high expectations from the sequel starer Varun Dhawan all want the same essence of the first movie Judwaa in the next upcoming by David Dhawan as Judwaa 2.

Varun Dhawan
“People say many things – don’t get married early, don’t say this or do that but you must follow your heart, be yourself and you will know whether it’s the right thing you have done.” – star lad Varun Dhawan, Judwaa 2

Sources from Mirror revealed that 29-year-old actor says, “He wants to ensure that the soundtrack is fun and peppy so he has been hanging out with popular composers, discussing the kind of tracks he wants for the film. At the moment, “Tan Tana Tan” is the only number which has been retained from the 1997 original. Varun recently met up with a hit composer to discuss a special dance number. He dropped by their recording studio and briefed them on his requirements for well over an hour.”

Varun Dhawan
Judwaa 2, Varun Dhawan at Filmfare Photoshoot

Varun realized the massive responsibility is on his shoulder to make Judwaa 2 one of the bursting hit at the box office. Despite Varun Dhawan, the film is featuring Parineeti Chopra and Ileana D’cruz in this comedy romantic plot. The release date of Varun Dhawan’s Judwaa 2 has been announced (29th September 2017) but the female leads are yet to be confirmed.


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