Bigg Boss 10 Friday Episode 33

For the Episode 33 of Bigg Boss 10 and officially the FIRST day of Rohan Mehra as a captain apparently have a lot of aggression, fights, and accusations in store. In Episode 32, Lopa Mudra and Rohan Mehra emerged as winners of their respective tasks for captaincy of Bigg Boss 10 house. As a part of the final process, Bigg Boss housemates were then asked to vote for their favorite amongst Lopa and Rohan. As was expected, Rohan Mehra got more votes and was announced the second captain of the week of Bigg Boss 10.

Just after a few hours of Rohan Mehra being the captain, a war of words again hits the house when Lokesh is asked to shift to another bed by Rohan as he wants his vice-captain, Bani J to sleep next to his bed. Lokesh then starts retaliating and tells Rohan that she won’t shift her bed. Even Lopa refuses to sleep next to Bani J. All this and more instantly irritates Rohan and he loses his cool.

All hell will break loose in tonight’s episode when Rohan Mehra will choose Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar as a punishment when asked by Bigg Boss to name two contestants for punishment in the jail where they have to keep standing all day long. When Rohan will refuse to name to cite reasons for punishment, Manu and Manveer will lose their cool and refuse to obey the captain’s orders. Lopa will also be seen defending these commoners and getting into a fight with Rohan and other housemates stating the game is being played unfairly.

Tonight, we will also see Manu walking up to Monalisa and asking her to leave the Bigg Boss 10 house seeing that Monalisa is feeling a little low. He will add that for whatever reason Mona has been on the show, has anyway been fulfilled. Hence, she should opt for a self-elimination.


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