In Bigg Boss 10 Episode 39, Rahul Dev will be seen losing his cool. Yesterday, in Episode 38, Bigg Boss house was turned into a gold mine for a new luxury budget task. Rohan becomes the businessman and has to encourage his housemates to find gold in the mines, collect them in a test tube and deposit at his office. If Rohan successfully completes his task, his captaincy period will be extended for another week.

On the other hand, Manu Punjabi and Lopamudra have been given a secret task by Bigg Boss in which they have to steal half of the gold from the locker given to Rohan and put it in a secret drawer next to the jail. If they manage to do so, they would be nominated for captaincy.

bigg boss 10 episode 39

In episode 38, we saw the hardworking Swami Om who refused to get out of the gold mine and have his dinner even. He got into verbal spats will almost everyone in the house for refusing to come out of the gold mine and the major one being the spat with Nitibha.

After the first day of task ended as per Bigg boss’s orders, Rohan decided to sleep next to the safe. After everyone goes off to sleep, Lopa and Manu try to steal the gold. Lopa tries to sneak in and get a hold of the safe but she is caught by Rohan. Lopa changes the topic and asks if she could get anything for him. Rohan refuses and goes back to sleep.

In Bigg Boss 10 Episode 39, Lopamudra will be seen trying her best to steal the gold from the treasury.  What will be interesting to watch is that she succeeds or not.

In Bigg Boss 10 Episode 39, Lopa will be seen trying to break into the safe once again where Rohan will somehow find something is fishy and will wake up to Lopamudra trying to untangle the rope around the safe. Lopamudra will still try to steal the gold by tieing Rohan with ropes and Rohan will also get a little physically aggressive.

The most entertaining part of tonight’s Bigg Boss 10 Episode 39 will be when Swami Om will finally be successful in unleashing the other side of the otherwise calm and composed Rahul Dev. Rahul Dev will be seen losing his cool for the first time in Bigg Boss 10 house today.


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