bigg boss 10 episode 37Bigg Boss 10 Episode 37 is going to raise the Bigg Boss house temperature a few degrees today. Yesterday, in Episode 36, Bigg Boss himself has taken upon himself the responsibility to add a little spark and a lot of entertainment to Bigg Boss 10 after the housemates have been failed to do so perennially. This Monday, an interesting nomination task was introduced where the house was split into two teams, Team Bani and Team Lopamudra. The teams had to produce controversial videos that can go viral and impress the judge, Sunny Leone. The winning team will be safe from eviction this week.

The first step in the last episode was a room decorated for newlyweds. The videos made by both the teams were rejected citing that they are inappropriate for a family show. The second step up was a tabela, where Manveer, Gaurav and Bani mimicked a scene from movie, Deewar with some funny twists.

On the other hand, Manu, Rohan and Om Swami enacted a fictional love story between bulls and a cow tied in tabela. Team Bani won this round. For round 3, the set up was a bar and a pole where Team Lopamudra scored their point when Sunny got impressed with Lopamudra’s sensous pole dance.

Apart from the task, episode 36 witnessed some emotional drama between the best friend trio, Monalisa, Manu and Manveer, when Monalisa heard them saying she needs them to survive the game. Monalisa was later caught on camera crying. But, the day ended with the celebration of Monalisa’s birthday.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 37 is going to turn on the heat inside the Bigg Boss house. This has been the hottest task so far and will continue to stir some emotions up. Today we are going to witness a sensational moment where Bani J and Gaurav Chopra will be seen making out in the bathtub as a part of the ‘Viral Video Fever’ task.Watch bigg boss 10 episode tonight

On the other hand, Swami Om will get in the bathtub with Lopamudra and Monalisa and this is surely going to be the one GROSS moment of the entire season but who knows, this team might just do something that wins Sunny Leone’s heart and thus, win the nomination task.

Sunny Leone will also be visiting the Bigg Boss 10 house today. There is going to a tough call for Sunny Leone in Bigg Boss 10 Episode 37, where she has to choose the winning team.


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