Wednesday episode(31) marked the completion of 30 days of Bigg Boss 10 and the contestants had to finally give in their luxuries, their personal items, their clothes and their food stock for a LUXURY BUDGET task of the week. This had the tempers risings sky high in the house. Another highlight of Day 30 was the verbal spat between Rohan and Manveer which turned into a massive fight. The verbal spat turned uglier and reached a point where the housemates had to intervene so as to stop both of them from hitting each other.



In today’s episode, we are expecting apparent trouble between the house best friends, Manu and Manveer as is apparent from the teaser. In the teaser, Manveer is seen removing his mike and refusing the order of Bigg Boss to come to the confession room claiming that he doesn’t want to play further because he feels everyone else is playing unfairly. Another major event that is expected to unfold today is the spat between Vj Bani and Nitibha when Bani tells her she’s playing dirty. And the war of words begins.

Other highlights of today’s episode of Bigg Boss 10 are going to be the advice session by Gaurav Chopra for house friend, Bani, the Karela juice drinking competition in which Rohan and Monalisa are going to get into a verbal spat and Gaurav being teased by Monalisa’s name by Lopa, Nitibha, Rahul Dev and Bani J.

In short, today’s episode will high on the war of words. Also, the winner of the lockdown task of Bigg Boss 10 is expected to be ‘Team Rohan’ with Bani J, Karan Mehra, Lokesh Kumari, Lopamudra Raut and Rahul Dev as members. The sole reason behind this win is going to be Swami Om who refused to let go of his clothes and accessories for the task and thus, adding negative points to the ‘Team Monalisa’.


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