As we all know, Rahul Dev’s stint in Bigg Boss 10 came to an end yesterday. Though he spent 9 weeks inside the BB house but got evicted in a shocking elimination as nobody expected him to get evicted this early. However, after the eviction Rahul Dev has some shocking revelations to make regarding Mona-Manu romance, Om Swami and other housemates.

Rahul Dev makes shocking revelations after his eviction from BB 10

He made some bold statements and surprising confessions which he earlier avoided to put vocal inside the BB house.

Rahul Dev’s shocking revelations post Eviction!

This is what he said about Om Swami- “A man who has no respect for women, who make passes at them, and looks at them inappropriately, is inside the Bigg Boss 10 house. So, I don’t know where we are heading. The same viewers, who talk about women rights and progressiveness, are keeping him inside. I am disappointed with the audience.”

This is what he said about being out of the BB house- “I am relieved that I am out of the show because the game has gone dirty. I don’t understand how people like Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga are still there. I just hope they don’t end up in top five. That would be really sad. What they do on the show is not entertainment that is pathetic.”

On being asked who he wants to be the winner of the show he said, “I want Lopamudra, Gaurav or Rohan to win the game from the celebrity team and I would prefer Manu Punjabi or Manveer Gurjar over any other Indiawale.”

Indulging into more details about Manu and Manveer he said, “They both entertain and play the game well. There are some things about them which I don’t like but overall they are far better than other Indiawale and I wouldn’t mind seeing them in top five.”

This is what he had to say regarding the brewing romance between Manu and Mona – “I have no fear in saying this that it is obviously a fake thing. It is for the show and it worked well for them.”

Talking about the show format, he said, “I hadn’t seen any season. I signed the show just two days before entering the Bigg Boss house. Had I known left, right and centre about the show, I might have not have said yes. In future too, I am all for reality shows which are task-based but not something which has people peeing in their pants or screaming at the top of their lungs.”


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