Bigg Boss 10 November 14th Update : Nominations

The forever controversial, Bigg Boss 10 is getting exciting day by day and is keeping the audiences glued to their television sets. In the past few days, we have seen Swami Om returning back to the Bigg Boss house after staying in the secret room for two consecutive days, the latest shocking eviction of Navin Prakash after his shoulder injury during the task to the daily dose of arguments and drama by the housemates. Thus, it is turning more and more entertaining for its dedicated viewers.

After the shocking latest eviction of Commoner, Navin Prakash, the viewers are now wondering about the contestants that will get nominated today. Opposing the normal flow of Commoners being nominated and evicted from the house until now, there has been a shift of wave in this week’s nominations. As per a reliable Twitter handle, Reality Post, this week’s nominations has the majority of celebrities nominated. This Twitter account has been predicting the evictions and nomination of the Bigg Boss 9 as well and is now on a nomination and eviction informing spree for Bigg Boss 10 also.

According to a report, Monalisa Singh, Karan Mehra, Rahul Dev and Lokesh Sharma have been the only 4 contestants that have been nominated for eviction this week. In order to stay in the game and save them from being thrown out, these nominated contestants will now have to work harder to impress the audiences.It’s predicted that  Lokesh might get evicted Tonight.

Another such report brought into limelight the nomination procedure for today which is not going to be a regular one as the housemates today have to go through mutual voting and name four such contestants that they feel are the most uninteresting and boring characters in the house as informed by news website and is also apparent from the teasers of today’s show.

Today’s episode is going to be a fiery one with Manu and Monalisa getting into a verbal and physical fight with Swami Om and the burning arguments during the nominations process.


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