When you have to spend all day and all night with someone, you do get fond of the people that have the same wavelength as you. You eat together, you gossip together, you make fun of people together, and you do your tasks together and show your never ending support all throughout. This time, the same closeness has been felt between Bigg Boss 10 contestants, Monalisa and Manu Punjabi. But apparently, their life outside the Bigg Boss house has faced some tremors with Monalisa’s boyfriend, Vikrant having reacted to this growing fondness in a shocking manner.

Monalisa’s boyfriend

Bigg Boss house have always played the role of ground zero for all the love affairs inside the house that lasts only a few days after the entire Bigg Boss drama is over. But still, love has always been in air inside the Bigg Boss house. Manu Punjabi and Monalisa have grabbed the limelight since very beginning. The two have looked pretty much comfortable in kissing, hugging, holding hands and spending much of the time together in Bigg Boss 10 house.

Somewhere down the line, Monalisa had revealed that she is in a steady relationship with Vikrant since 8 years and Manu also shared that he is already engaged to a Jaipur based girl. But still both of them have always stayed close to each other. In one of the episodes, Om Swami addressed Monalisa as Manu’s ‘premika’ but Monalisa broke down into tears for feeling she is sabotaging her relationship.

In a recent interview, Monalisa’s boyfriend, Vikrant Singh revealed that he is quite upset with this and that he is now confused about his relationship with Monalisa.

Talking to a news daily, Vikram said, “We were supposed to get married, but now, I am confused. I know that this is all drama. Once she is out (of the house), things will get sorted. It’s not easy for me or my family to watch this. Veena Malik jaisa kuch nahin karna because the public is smart and cannot be fooled.”

Catch tonight’s episode 38 of Bigg Boss.Will this relationship turn into a break up after the show? Only time will tell!


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