The entire episode tonight in the Bigg Boss 10 Episode 44 will revolve around the most irritating character in the show right now, Swami Om.

Yesterday in the Episode 43, we witnessed the GAME OF DOMES between the housemates and the wild card entries. In this nomination task, Manveer Gurjar was safe because of not getting challenged by any of the new entries. We saw the dome fight between Rahul and Sahil Anand, Gaurav Chopra and Jason Shah, Nitibha and Elena Kazan & Bani J and Priyanka Jagga. It was an interesting episode and was entertaining in a way to see the housemates fighting off the challengers inside a dome. The conclusion of the task resulted in four nominations. Bani J, Elena Kazan, Jason Shah and Rahul lost to their competitors and went straight to the nominations for eliminations this week.Bigg Boss 10 Episode 44

Tonight in Bigg Boss 10 Episode 44, we will see the confrontation between the loud mouth, Priyanka Jagga and Monalisa Antara. Since the time Priyanka has stepped into the Bigg Boss 10 house as a wild card, she is seen targeting Monalisa so as to break the trio of Manu-Monalisa-Manveer. Tonight in Bigg Boss 10 Episode 44, Monalisa will be finally seen losing her cool and getting into a hyper war of word with Priyanka Jagga.

The most shocking revelation of the entire season will be done tonight when Manu and Manveer will reveal the things they have found inside the bag of Swami Om which includes the things that have been stolen from the bags of the housemates. Swami Om will be seen denying that he have stolen something and will rather call it Manu and Manveer’s strategy to bring him down. Swami Om will eventually be seen breaking into tears after being accused of robbing.

In tonight’s episode, the contestants who have been nominated will also be given a strong punishment for the losing the nomination task as Bigg Boss will be seen asking them to pack their bags.


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