In Bigg Boss 10 Episode 43, the housemates and the wild card contestants will battle it out in the DOME task for a place in the Bigg Boss 10 house. You can catch all the ‘Game of Domes’ fun tonight at 10:30pm on COLORS TV but here are some advance insights into tonight’s show. Yesterday, with the entry of the wild card contestants, the whole house and the housemates has been shaken up. But it will be interesting to know who wins this DOME task in Bigg Boss 10 Episode 43 – Housemates or Wild Card entries.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 43

As you know, the wild card contestants have already chosen their challengers for this dome aka nomination task through a dart game with Salman Khan yesterday. Tonight it will be entertaining to see who wins or loses. The task includes staying in a confined dome for as long as possible. The one who ditches the dome first and comes out will lose the task.

On one hand, Priyanka is very confident on beating Bani J easily by provoking her; on the other hand, Bani J is worried because she knows the extent to which Priyanka Jagga can stoop low.

The contestants will be seen working on their strategy to make the other leave the dome as fast as possible. In a recent teaser, Lopa is seen suggesting Nitibha to do her toilet business inside the dome and this would make Elena irritate thus, making her leave.

Another interesting thing that is going to happen inside the Bigg Boss 10 house is the makeover of Swami Om by Lopa today and everyone will be seen rejoicing the new look of Swami Om.

As was apparent from the very first talk that Priyanka Jagga had with the contestants inside the house, she has come with a motive to chuck Monalisa out of the Mona-Manveer-Manu gang. Today once again she will be seen discussing about Mona with Bani J while they both are inside the dome for the Dome task. She will also engage in a conversation with Manu regarding the same.


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