Bigg Boss 10 Saturday Episode 41: Wild Card Entries Knock the Door, Check them outIn Bigg Boss 10 Episode 41, wild card entries will come swinging at the door of Bigg Boss. Yesterday in Episode 40, we saw a lot of hullabaloo caused by the great Swami Om ji. This started when Rohan, as the captain of the house took Swami Om’s name on the first go when asked to name four such contestants who were the weakest in the task. This made Swami Om lose his cool. He started throwing verbal abuses at Rohan and his family and kept calling Rohan ‘Free Ka naukar’ in the entire episode where Swami Om was supposed to sit on the stretcher until Bigg boss asks him to get off the stretcher.

Today, in Bigg Boss 10 Episode 41, the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan’ is going to take an interesting turn. For starters, Mandana Karimi and Gautam Gulati will be coming to meet the housemates through Jio TV.

We are expecting a lot of roasting of the contestants they find boring or out-of-the-way. In one of the teaser videos, Mandana is seen calling Gaurav Chopra ‘Image-conscious’ and ‘boring’ whereas Gautam Gulati is seen saying that Bani J is putting her heart into the game.

There will be a verbal fight between Gaurav Chopra and Bani J in Bigg Boss 10 episode 41 when Gaurav will ask Bani J to behave well in front of the cameras and tone down on aggression which makes her lose her cool.

The curiosity and excitement surrounding Bigg Boss 10 Episode 41 will increase manifolds today with the introduction of four new wild card entries. This will turn out to be the BIGGEST and the most INTERESTING twist in this season of Bigg Boss. We are hoping they bring some entertainment to the show because day after day, the events in the house are turning boring and TRPs are falling with each day. It will be exciting to watch the new contestants in the house today.


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