In Bigg Boss 10 Episode 1st December, we will witness the continuation of the ‘Race to Captaincy’ task and also the ‘Jab Tak Tere Pair Chalenge’ task. Yesterday in Episode 31st November, we saw the first schedule of both the tasks and a little bit of drama, and anger here and there.

The highlight of the day was when Bani J got angry with the housemates as everyone goes to sleep including the monitor Priyanka Jagga saying that she’s doing it for them and they are not even bothered. She even goes on to swear when Lopa comes and thanks everyone except Bani for performing in the peddling task.

The task for captaincy will again be seen creating more and more differences in the friendships inside the house. The major effect is being borne by the trio best friends, Manu, Manveer and Monalisa. Manu and Manveer will be again seen getting into a war of words questioning their own friendship. It will be interesting to see if Manu Punjabi, Manveer Gurjar and Monalisa Antara will be able to retain their friendship till the end?

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 1st December

The fight for captaincy will continue today in the Bigg Boss 10 Episode 1st December as well. This fight for captaincy will be jam packed with a lot of masala, drama and politics. The Bigg Boss 10 house will turn into nothing else than a war zone where there will be seeming politics everywhere.

In tonight’s Bigg Boss 10 Episode 1st December, Bani J will be seen revolting against the housemates when they ask the challengers to keep paddling for gas even when their preparations for breakfast has not been done. This will ensue another fight between the housemates while Bani will keep stressing on the fact that their bums are exhausted after cycling all day and night yesterday.


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