Tonight in the Bigg Boss 10 9th December Episode 55, we will witness the most interesting captaincy task by Bigg Boss so far. Yesterday in Episode 54, we saw some cosy moments between Bani-Jason, some Lopa-Bani verbal spats, some crying, some anger and also some laughter-riots.Bigg Boss 10 9th December Episode 55

Bigg Boss 10 9th December Episode 55 tonight – Gaurav Chopra and Priyanka Jagga will be chosen as the finalists for the captaincy task through a voting method. In this voting method, Rahul and Lopa lock horns as Lopa did not get the majority of the votes and Rahul also favouring Gaurav Chopra.

Bigg Boss 10 9th December Episode 55:

According to the task rules, both of them have to select 4 supporters for themselves who are going to keep holding the rope for them while they hang in air. The task sure needs some great physical strength.

The most shocking event will rolls when Sahil will be seen in dilemma whether or not to support Priyanka and just when he’s planning to support Gaurav, Priyanka burst into tears asking him to support her.

Bani J tells Sahil that the game is not played with sympathy and this is when Swami Om intervenes once again and passes some really mean comments at her. One remark that makes her lose her cool is ‘Tumhari Maa Mar Jaye’. And that is when we will get to see her never- before- avatar as she goes on hitting against the walls, expressing her fury.

In Bigg Boss 10 9th December Episode 55, we will see the ‘Wajah Tum Ho’ star cast, Sana Khan, Gurmeet Chaudhary and Shreyas Talpade inside the Bigg Boss 10 house. The housemates will greet them warmly while the title track is being played in background. The trio will play a cute task with the housemates where Bani and Gaurav will be seen making each other eat a brownie.


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