Bigg Boss 10 2016 8th DecemberTonight in Bigg Boss 10 8th December 2016, there will be a press conference inside the BB house and we will once again witness the comeback of the Bani J vs Lopamudra fight. Yesterday in Episode 53, we saw the ‘BB Taxi Stand’ come to an end with a lot of hustle bustle, crying and sobbing inside the BB house. Priyanka from one side wins the task with the maximum points and Gaurav, Lopa and Nitibha from the other side win the task by having the same number of points left.

Bigg Boss 10 8th December 2016 : Bani vs Lopa, Rohan vs Swami & more

The Bani-Lopa clash will start when a journalist will question Lopamudra why Bani doesn’t like her and she will be seen replying that it is because she’s insecure. This will turn Bani J furious and she will try to clear the air but Lopamudra will not let her speak. This will infuriate Bani to an extent that she will leave the press conference in between. This will further lead the fight to a whole another level. Check out these Bigg Boss 10  8th December episode videos here.

Gaurav Chopra will also be questioned on his stand during the press conference along with Priyanka Jagga for her father-daughter relationship with Swami Om.

Further, Gaurav Chopra will be seen choosing Lopamudra for the punishment and this will again make Lopa fight with Gaurav Chopra and telling him the same thing that he’s insecure of her.

There will be a verbal fight between Rohan Mehra and Swami Om in tonight’s Bigg Boss 10 8th December 2016 episode. Swami Om with his diplomatic talks will try to make things good between Rohan and him but Rohan, who hates Swami Om’s conduct in the house will not let Swami Om’s plan work. Lopa will be seen speaking for Rohan whereas Manveer and Priyanka will be seen on the side of Swami Om. Rohan will be seen surprised at Manveer and Priyanka for being on Swami’s side.

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