Bigg Boss 10 7th December 2016 Episode 53: Gaurav Chopra becomes devilTonight in Bigg Boss 10 7th December Episode 53, we will see Gaurav Chopra into a whole new avatar handling a variety of situations in a not-really-gaurav way. Yesterday, in Episode 52, we witnessed the advent of ‘BB Taxi Stand’ task which is both a luxury as well as a captaincy task. On one side, Priyanka Jagga was seen turning into a dictator and fighting with almost everyone in the house and on the other side Swami Om was on a rebel streak once again when he pisses openly in a mug during the task. In Episode 53, War of words goes between rohan & Priyanka Jagga goes to the next level and Swami Om jumps into the fight. He starts saying mean things about Rohan and this leads to fight between Swami Om and Rohan.

Bigg Boss 10 7th December 2016 Episode 53:

Today, in Bigg Boss 10 7th December Episode 53, Gaurav Chopra will be the highlight of the episode. Gaurav will begin the whole drama by first crossing swords with Lopamudra Raut. As per Lopa’s plan of saving her BB money from Priyanka, she hides it and on being asked about her money, she says she has lost it. Gaurav somehow finds the bundle and hand it over to Priyanka. This leaves Lopa furious at Gaurav and then ensues a war of words between the both to an extent that Lopa burst into tears and wanting the leave the game.


Secondly, the Bani-Gaurav friendship will also take a not-so-pleasing turn. Bani will get upset with Gaurav for not supporting her during the captaincy task and will be seen clearly vocal about it. Gaurav on the other hand will be seen talking about Bani’s behaviour with other housemates. He tells Monalisa that Bani expects him to be supportive however she doesn’t reciprocate with the same kind of support. Surprisingly, he further adds, ‘Na rishtey mein waisa kucch hai!’ He also tells Manveer that, ‘Main bina baat ka fasa hua hu ek situation mein!’

It’s surely not a pleasing episode on the cards for Gaurav Chopra and his fans tonight!

Another interesting episode is about to roll inside the Bigg Boss house as per the hype created by the latest Bigg Boss teaser.Also the result will be announced for the Taxi Stand task.


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