Bigg Boss 10 6th December - Budget taskTonight in Bigg Boss 10 6th December Episode 52, Swami Om will be again seeing creating a mess inside the house. Yesterday, in Episode 51, we witnessed the comeback of Swami Om. Everyone warmly welcomed him. But there were some mixed reactions as well. One side, Monalisa and Manveer were not at all happy with Swami Om’s comeback which was evidently being seen on their faces while on the other hand, Priyanka Jagga broke down on seeing Swami Om and cried while hugging him.

Tonight in Bigg Boss 10 6th December Episode 52, a lot of drama will unfold with the advent of luxury budget task named as ‘BB Taxi Stand’. All the housemates will be seen going all out to win the maximum points in the luxury budget task.


Highlight of the task will be the fight between Lopamundra Raut and Priyanka Jagga. Priyanka Jagga who plays the role of traffic police will get into fight with Lopa and force her to hand over her points.

In this task, Bani and Manveer are the taxi drivers while Priyanka is the traffic police. Other housemates are commuters. The housemates are not allowed to move in the house by themselves and have to use the taxi service. So Bani and Manveer will drive the taxi and in exchange of this they have to charge a fare from the passengers. Priyanka who plays traffic police fines everyone on not following the rules.

Bigg Boss 10 6th December - Task or Revenge?

One of the three, Priyanka, Manveer and Bani, with maximum points at the end of the BB Taxi Stand task, will contest for the captaincy. On the other hand, one of the commuter housemates with maximum points becomes the second contender for the captaincy task.

Another surprising thing will be the stupidity of Swami Om when he pees inside the bucket in order to save some points during the task.



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